Since 2006, we've been seeing these unusual vehicles on the road - three-wheel scooters. But why add an extra wheel to a scooter? Is the performance better? Is it more convenient to drive on three wheels given the vehicle’s width? These are the keys to this new trend.

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  • Increased balance: its front wheels are a real technological achievement. Individual or non-individual suspensions, they can corner, lean smoothly and absorb deformations. When stationary, the front can be locked so that the machine is stable and doesn't fall over.
  • Braking: with an additional wheel and an extra disc brake, the result is exceptional. The emergency braking distance is reduced by 20% compared with a two-wheeler. In addition, front and rear brake control is centralised using a foot pedal, for ideal distribution.
  • Storage: a generous space under the seat is sure to please you!
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  • Weight: these machines come heavy on the scales, from 164 to 282kg. This is probably the only downside. The increased weight is felt at slow speed or when manoeuvring.
  • Dimensions: it is harder to run through traffic and the space needed for parking should also be taken into account. With length between 2m and 2.2m and width +/-80cm, they are closer to the dimensions of a big trail bike than a scooter.
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motorcycle three-wheeler piaggio

Who are they for?

  • If you want to get started: the concept is good, but don't get a machine that is too big. These big scooters are heavy and powerful. The third wheel is not a miracle and doesn't make up for any lack of experience.
  • If you hold a 125cc and a B licence: drivers with a B licence can legally drive a tricycle without conditions if the licence was obtained before 2013. For others, a theory course of a few hours is sufficient. So you can drive this vehicle without having to retake a practical test.
  • If you drive lots of miles: the stability and comfort of these three-wheelers make them great friends of road users. Kilometres on the motorway are swallowed up with stability and peace of mind.
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The market as of 4/11/2021 (indicative values only)

  • Piaggio offers five models: from 300cc 26HP 227kg at €7,799 up to 500cc 43HP 282kg at €11,484.
  • Peugeot offers a 400cc 35HP 280kg model at a price of €10,099.
  • Yamaha offers three models: from 125cc 12HP164 at €4,999 up to 300cc 28HP 239kg at €8,599.
  • Qooder offers a model of 346cc 29HP 220kg at a price of €7,200.

Some manufacturers also offer four-wheeled vehicles that allow you to keep your feet up. For those who love smooth cornering, there are even three-wheeled motorcycles, but the heavier front axle can be a worry.

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motorcycle three-wheeler Yamaha
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