You often see these two-wheelers on the road and it really makes you envious. Charmed and motivated, you're taking the step and choosing a motorcycle or scooter. Before you can achieve what might be a dream or a mobility alternative, you have to start at the beginning, the driving license.

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Which licence for which motorcycle?

This summary table describes the type of licence according to your choice:

motorcycle driving licence types
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How do I obtain my licence (over 50cc)?

There are 3 steps:

  • theory test
  • private land test at the test centre
  • public road test

You can take the theory test without support. For the practical tests, the unsupported route stopped in 2014. You have to go to a driving school. Your instructor will teach you technical control of the motorcycle and how to ride it. You will learn the basics on private land. You will then learn how to ride on public roads (at least half of your training hours).

During the practical test, your fitness and ability to assess at all times the risks related to riding a two-wheeler will be taken into account.

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motorcycle licence instructor

A progressive licence

To achieve a motorcycle licence, a progressive system was introduced, limiting the power of motorcycles according to the age and experience of the rider. It’s not easy to find out what you can expect to ride. This summary table gives you all the options to get going!

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Summary table

Table of tests and minimum training for the 3 motorcycle + 50cc licences depending on the ages and licences already obtained:

motorcycle driving licence summary table


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I already have my B licence

You can then drive a moped, scooter, light motorcycle or a light AM class quad bike. According to the date you obtained your B licence, the rule is:

  • After 1 May 2011: two years later, you can ride a motorcycle or scooter up to 125cc, limited to 11kW/15 HP, with a maximum power-to-weight ratio of 0.1kW/kg, provided that you have completed four hours of riding training at a riding school. No practical or theory test.
  • Before 1 May 2011: you can drive a moped, a scooter or a motorcycle up to 125cc, limited to 11kW/15HP, with a maximum power-to-weight ratio of 0.1kW/kg. You don’t even have to take riding training.  
  • Before the end of 1988: you can ride a motorcycle or scooter on public roads without limited power or engine capacity.
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