Your daily life is hampered by traffic jams and time spent searching for a parking space. You are thinking of choosing a new mobility, on two wheels, but you are still unsure. Others have made the move and share their experiences.

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Win more

Mattias is a freelance cameraman. He lives in the centre of Brussels and works alongside journalists making reports. He has to be responsive and mobile to meet the needs of the news. For three years, he has been riding a Piaggio MP3 three-wheel scooter. "The scooter has completely changed the way I move and work. I arrive at the meeting places before everyone else, I organise my working time better. Being independent makes my time even more valuable. Since I’ve been riding a scooter, I can take on more jobs and increase my turnover. "



More free time

Stéphanie is a psychologist and mother of three children. She lives in Overijse and shares a family car and an ER-6 Kawazaki with her partner. "We didn't want a car, just one bike each. But with a big family, it’s hard to do anything else. The ideal solution: using the right means of travel at the right time. For children’s trips, long journeys and family trips, we resort to taking the car. For meetings in Brussels and for duo or solo journeys, it’s the motorcycle. We chose it together, making sure it was just as suitable for me as it was for him. I expect to save three to four hours a week by using the motorcycle. This time I save, I keep for myself. I even got back to yoga."



Save time

Baptiste is a consultant, working three days a week in Antwerp, 70 kilometers from his home in Waterloo. During the rest of the week, he spends time travelling back and forth between his office and his business meetings around the country. His means of mobility is a Yamaha Fazer8. "I’ve had a car for years, and with hindsight, I can't believe how much time I’ve spent moving around and parking. One evening at the wheel, I took stock of the hours lost in traffic jams and turning around, praying for a parking space to come free. Total: between 1h20 and 2h each day. I made an appointment at the motorcycle riding school the next day. Rest, running or romantic dinner, I make the most of the time I save."

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A time-saving change is undeniable for our three new riders. If you’re inspired by these stories, don't wait any longer and check out this mode of transport.  A quick tip, don't forget to check the information regarding the motorcycle licence.

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