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Park your bike safely

  • Park your bike in a safe place.
  • Avoid poorly lit or remote locations.
  • Position your motorcycle so that it can be watched or so that it's left in a closed or guarded car park.
  • In your garage, it's best to place your motorcycle in front of your car. Secure it with a wall or floor anchor. Do not leave any tools lying around, as thieves could make good use of them.
  • Always install and activate an electronic alarm system. Be sure to check that doesn't use much power so that the battery is not depleted. Make sure that the name of the brand of the alarm is not visible.
  • Do not leave valuables on the motorcycle or in the bags.
  • Install a tank cap with a lock.
  • Do not leave the vehicle documents with the motorcycle.
  • Keep your motorcycle keys separate from your house keys. Furthermore, only insert the key into the ignition at the last moment and start up just before you're ready to leave.
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Verrouillez toujours votre moto

  • Make a habit of locking your bike. This way, you'll never forget that it's locked when you leave.
  • Buy a good quality anti-theft device: padlocks with the quality mark 'NF' or 'ART', for example, are widely recognised and offer good protection. There may also be other good locks that don't have any of the quality labels mentioned above. Ask your dealer for advice.
  • Combine different anti-theft devices such as a steering lock, a chain with a padlock or a disc lock.
  • Use the anti-theft device correctly!
    • Attach your bike to a solid, fixed point.
    • Do not allow the lock to trail on the ground.
    • Do not attach it to any part that is easy to disassemble.
    • Attach the disc lock to the rear wheel.
  • It may also be useful to install additional safety devices in the form of immobilisers. For more information, please contact your dealer.
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Dossier d’identification

Build up a folder for your motorcycle containing:

  • A properly completed identification form
  • Photos of your bike
  • Copies of the vehicle documents, certificate of conformity, registration certificate and insurance document

Keep this folder in a safe place so that you can send all of the information to the police quickly and efficiently if you are the victim of a theft. In the event of theft, report it immediately to the police and inform your insurer.

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