Unfortunately, motorcycle theft is a reality. Do you want to equip yourself to safeguard your two-wheeler? This is a very good idea and to encourage you to do so, here is a list of the various options currently on the market.

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Some security features

  • The U-lock: the best known, the classic large U-lock has the advantage of being easy to store and not too heavy. It can be used to immobilise or secure your motorcycle.
  • The chain: it is often heavier and more bulky than the U, but it now offers the same level of resistance as the U, while offering the ease of being flexible.
  • The cable: it is lighter and more flexible than the U and the chain, but less resistant.
  • Disc lock: with or without alarm, it is small and not too heavy, which makes it easy to transport. Remember to also use the return line to make sure that you unlock it before starting.
motorcycle anti theft
  • Lever lock: this system locks the brake (or clutch) lever to the handle. No risk of getting started without forgetting it!
  • The alarm: original or second-hand, the alarm remains a very effective deterrent system.
motorcycle security anti theft
  • The GPS tracker: even if it doesn't prevent theft, it will be very useful for locating your motorcycle.
  • Markings: these unique code engravings made in several places on the motorcycle allow more complete identification. The deterrent effect is real.
  • The secure parking system (Bunker Park): this ground-mounted parking lock anchor will keep your bike as safe as possible.

We can only advise you to purchase quality equipment from reputable brands. Salespeople will be able to provide you with the information you need.

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Some additional tips

  • Always use the handlebar wedge
  • Remember to always take your anti-theft device(s) with you
  • Try to attach your bike to a fixed point where possible
  • Use more than one security device
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