It’s no secret that young drivers aren't so popular with insurance companies. The risk of them being involved in an accident is statistically higher. Premiums are therefore also higher. While waiting to gain experience and reduce your premium, let’s take a look at your options.

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What you need to know

  • You have to have third-party liability insurance for your vehicle.
  • This is the same for every driver. The main things influencing the amount of your premium will be your age, especially if you are under 26.
  • You should really contact several insurance companies because prices can vary greatly. The conditions of acceptance differ from one to another, but the following will generally be proposed:opt for a vehicle with low engine capacity (not more than 80kW but sometimes even less)
    • opt for a vehicle with low engine capacity (not more than 80kW but sometimes even less)
    • insure yourself with the same company as your parents and/or combine with other insurance policies held by people who live at the same address as you
    • take a driving course so that you can get to know your vehicle well. This type of course will cost you, but some companies reimburse you for part of it
    • install an app that records your driving statistics
    • receive a bonus equivalent to a percentage of the premium if you have not had an accident during the year
  • In 2003, Belgian law created the Pricing Office with the aim of giving all drivers a chance. You can contact them if you are finding it difficult to find an insurer. Your vehicle must also be of low power (less than 65kW).
  • If you are still a learner and learning to drive with your parents, they should mention this to their insurance company. This is because you are considered to be an occasional driver. You will build up your driving history and it will be a plus when you need to insure yourself.
  • If you are the main driver, you cannot put the insurance in your parents' names. This might be tempting, but it is illegal. This is considered to be a false declaration, and in the event of a claim, the insurance may not cover you, which could have significant consequences.
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