You have passed your test and learned all the right moves. Since then, you have gained experience and want to perfect your driving skills or maybe undo some bad habits. Skills centres offer various courses that contribute to safe driving and to understanding difficult situations. Learning all the right moves from professionals is something you’ll appreciate.

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Safety courses

There are various programmes as each situation requires specific training.

  1. Young Drivers' Course, which aims to make young drivers aware of the limits of a vehicle and a driver. Active driving, preventive driving, anticipatory braking, awareness of distractions, avoidance of obstacles, etc. All these factors reduce the risk of accidents.
  2. Senior Course, which refreshes drivers' knowledge of new technologies and changes in traffic regulations. Reflexes and reactions will be tested and improved.
  3. Defensive driving course, which is indispensable for all motorists. You will be made aware of the pitfalls of sliding (aquaplaning), understand the influence of grip and speed on stopping distances, determine the safety distances to be respected, and much more. The training is centred on the most common types of accidents and your experience.
  4. Refresher course, which improves your vehicle control in detail. Turning, trajectory, regressive and progressive braking, the philosophy of the field of vision, etc.
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Other specific courses

  • Eco-driving: you are introduced to a driving mode that significantly reduces your fuel consumption (by 20 to 25%).
  • For motorcyclists: whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned rider, you'll learn to master your motorcycle and fine-tune your riding to suit your daily commute or leisure rides.
  • Track day: you get to grips with a sporting vehicle and learn how to drive on a circuit.
  • For electric and hybrid vehicles: new propulsion modes and new on-board technologies will no longer hold any secrets for you.
  • For vans: congestion, visibility and load are elements not to be underestimated.
  • For overcoming driving stress: post-trauma following an accident or amaxophobia (fear of driving), you will have access to a calm, safe and secure driving experience.
  • On snow and ice: learn how to deal with winter conditions in Belgium or abroad.
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You may benefit from reductions in insurance premiums with certain companies after taking such courses. Since 2018, a refresher course has been mandatory for young drivers in Flanders.

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