Make sure you're properly insured and don't pay too much! This winning combination can be complicated between mandatory requirements and competitive offerings. This is an important issue and it is essential that you have all the right information.

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Different types of insurance

In Belgium, insurance for motor vehicles is divided into 3 categories:

  1. Third-party liability: This is the minimum mandatory cover that covers the damage you may cause to third parties. The amount is based on the horsepower of the vehicle, its use (private/business) and the age and experience of the main driver.
  2. Mini comprehensive insurance: This will cover theft, fire, glass breakage or damage caused by forces of nature or contact with an animal.
  3. Comprehensive insurance: This is the most extensive cover. It includes everything included in the mini comprehensive cover and also covers damage if you are at fault or no other party is involved in the accident. If you purchase your car with a financing deal, this insurance may be required until the loan is repaid.
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Other types of cover

  • Driver's insurance: This is an important supplement to third-party liability insurance, which does not cover the driver at fault. In addition to medical expenses, it also covers financial losses due to incapacity to work or even an income following disability or death.
  • Legal protection: Essential in the event of a dispute by you or the opposing party. In addition to assisting you, it covers the costs of legal proceedings, bailiffs, experts and lawyers to defend you. It also covers you in the event of an administrative dispute (taxes, technical inspection) or commercial dispute (car wash, bodywork, etc.) or as a result of an infringement.
  • Assistance: If your vehicle is immobilised or breaks down, you can benefit from assistance and/or towing. Some car makes offer this service when purchasing a new vehicle. Please contact your dealer for further information.
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What to look out for?

The amount spent on insurance is important, so remember to look out for these different points:

  • Excess: This varies depending on the calculation method (fixed, percentage of the insured value or excess deductible which takes into account a minimum intervention threshold).
  • Replacement car: Included or not if your vehicle is immobilised and how long it will be available.
  • No-claims bonus: This affects your premium and is modified according to your claim.
  • Total loss: Compensation is calculated differently (actual value, approved value, depreciation, etc.).
  • Rebates: Some companies reward drivers by offering a wildcard to use in the event of a claim to avoid a deductible or premium increase. Others offer discounts if you only drive a low mileage or depending on your safety equipment.
  • Contract: Its content is important, you must read all the clauses carefully. If you go through your dealer or a broker, they will provide valuable advice.
  • Comparison: you can consult the website to check the various offers and guarantees.
  • Young drivers: Even if the premium is high, it is necessary to take out insurance in your own name if you are the main driver (do not put it in your parents' names).

If companies refuse to insure you, please contact the pricing office and for any concerns, the ombudsman is at your disposal.

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