Congratulations on your new motorbike and your order form has been signed! Your impatience is at its peak: you can't wait to get on your way and experience the new adventures that await you! Before you hit the road and get the most out of your two-wheeler, you still have a few things to do.

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1. Financing

Buying your motorbike is a cost and financial solutions are available to make your dream to come true. Some brands offer their own financial products, so your dealership is a source of good advice. As with the purchase of a car, banks offer financing and it is sometimes possible to include the costs associated with your equipment. Don't forget to compare rates (APR) and take advantage of temporary offers.

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2. Insurance

Driving on public roads requires third-party liability insurance. The purpose of this policy is to cover material damage and bodily injury caused to a third party in the event of an accident caused by your vehicle.

Additional cover may be taken out as:

  • assistance
  • Driver insurance that compensates you if you injure yourself, even if you are at fault
  • legal protection
  • comprehensive cover (mini or full) to protect your motorcycle (or even your equipment) from financial loss

Once you have chosen which types of cover you want for your motorcycle, an external comparison tool you to easily simulate different offers.

If you already have car insurance, ask your broker about the conditions for combining the two types of insurance. Some companies offer very attractive conditions in this case.

For minors, since you can travel by moped in Belgium from the age of 16, the insurance policy is drawn up in the name of the child's legal representative for the benefit of the child.

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3. Registration

Your dealer has sent you the valuable registration application form and you have chosen the insurance that best suits your use. This document is therefore completed and provided with the insurance label. All you have to do now is submit your application to the DIV. It's very simple and there are three ways to do this:

  • your insurance broker files the application themselves in the WebDIV system
  • you submit the form at the DIV office
  • you send this form to the DIV by post (City Atrium Rue du Progrès 56 1210 Brussels)

In all cases, the application will be forwarded to the Speos department at Bpost, which is responsible for producing the plate. The mail carrier delivers your new number plate with its registration certificate for the sum of €30 to be paid in cash upon receipt.

There is an expedited procedure and the option to customise your plate, but these services are subject to a fee. 

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4. Taxes

Fiscal jurisdiction is regional and therefore varies depending on where you live.

Flanders reviewed the tax system in 2013 on the basis of environmental criteria.

In Wallonia and in Brussels, the main criterion remains the power of the motorcycle. These taxes are payable by individuals and professionals. You will receive a notice of payment from the Direct Tax Authority when your application for registration has been registered.

  • The registration tax (TMC): this is one-off and must be paid when the vehicle is registered. In Wallonia, you are also subject to a loaded premium based on CO2 emissions.
  • The road tax (TC): this is annual.

We have created this calculator so you can easily find out the amount of these fees: 

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