If there was a time when travelling in a camper van seemed a bit of a bohemian choice, this way of seeing things is definitely outdated and may even be gone for good. The recreational vehicle (RV) is seen as a means of expression for those who love both freedom and comfort. Vans and converted vans are real superstars and the number of sales is currently unprecedented.

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Fashion statement or a consequence of the pandemic?

A bit of both in fact, because if the craze for these converted vans was already being noticed over recent years, 2020 saw the market explode. The European Caravan Federation has reported an increase of +12%. This boom was particularly evident in 2021. The global pandemic has awakened this need for escape and autonomy. You have the ability to leave in complete safety and spend a few days in the great outdoors and be free from health constraints since you will be keeping to your bubble while travelling. What’s more, it offers flexibility that introduces a great level of diversity to your travels. The tend effect is more noticeable among young people. It’s a way to enjoy some downtime on a reasonable budget. These homes on wheels offer great versatility. From DIY converted vans to palaces on wheels, the taste for adventure and certain creature comforts will appeal to many people. Some people prefer to buy a new van, while others opt for a used vehicle or decide to try out the idea by leasing a vehicle.

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A style and price for everyone

Manufacturers obviously offer different models and they adapt to the level of comfort that is wanted by adventurers. You can imagine almost anything you want, and don’t hesitate to ask the specialists for advice. You obviously won’t pay the same price for all vehicles. Here are some examples:

  • the Volkswagen California Beach from €51,625
  • the Ford Transit Custom Nugget from €48,145
  • the Marco Polo from Mercedes from €57,200

Being at home with the whole world at your doorstep is very appealing, especially with ever increasing levels of comfort: toilet, shower, heating, air conditioning, equipped kitchen, generator, solar panels, and more. This style of tourism allows you to discover a region at your own pace without worrying about booking ahead. If you decide to take to the road, the AirePark website will allow you to prepare your road trip and select your service station or welcome areas.

 All that’s left is to wish you a good trip!

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