Until recently, driver assistance systems were reserved for cars. Everything is changing and riders now have access to these techniques too. Nobody is safe from a moment of inattention or poor manoeuvring. In these cases, you'll appreciate that your bike has your back if it is fitted with these systems.

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Reducing the risk of accidents is the aim of two-wheeled vehicle manufacturers. So, they integrate these intelligent systems for safety reasons, but also to give you more comfort and ease of riding. Vehicles are able to detect certain hazards and react before the driver even adopts the right reflex. The following are the main driver assistance systems (ADAS):

  • ABS: Probably the oldest system, it has been mandatory since 2017 on bikes over 125 cc. It prevents the wheels from locking during braking, which greatly improves stability and keeps the vehicle on course.
  • ABS cornering: Prevents the motorcycle from straightening up and the front wheel from slipping. It helps to maintain the right trajectory. Theory teaches us not to brake when cornering, but an emergency situation can still occur.
  • Traction Control or anti-spin: Ground covered with dead or soaked leaves, a passage through grass or gravel... As a rider, you are often faced with these types of situations where the ground is slippery. The traction control will help you. The transmitted power will be limited as long as slip is detected. Traction Control will also work well when cornering in wet conditions.
  • Stoppie Control: Although the stoppie is considered an expression of style for some, it does represent a real accident risk. Braking too hard on the front wheel can cause the front fork to plunge and lift the rear of the motorcycle. This assistance prevents the front wheel from locking.
  • Wheelie control: even unintentionally, your front wheel may leave the ground during high accelerations. Assistance is provided by sensing the front wheel lift and regulating the torque provided by the engine to prevent the front wheel from being cut.
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In addition to all the equipment that directly affects the behaviour of the motorcycle, there are also equipment that makes it easier for you to ride:

  • Cruise control (adaptive or not)
  • Blind spot detection
  • Adaptive suspensions (depending on use and/or load)
  • Adaptive lighting
  • Emergency alert in the event of a fall
  • Hill Start Control (hill-start assist)
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It's always better to be on a well-equipped motorbike, but be aware that the laws of physics will become ever stronger. Your caution remains the most important factor.

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