Our cars are truly comfortable cocoons with a wide range of safety and driver assistance equipment. But what about the world of vans? Is it possible to configure a van to achieve the level of comfort you want? Be inspired by this article and imagine the configuration that suits your needs and desires.

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Utility, but not just that!

As the name implies, a utility vehicle is a tool. Its main benefit is its loading capacity. But a moving mass can be dangerous. Manufacturers offer a wide range of options and accessories to keep you comfortable.

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  • for securing: eyelets or rail for strapping
  • passenger compartment partition: fixed partition, grille (articulated) or box for long objects prevents you from being injured by an incorrectly attached object
  • brackets: for the roof or interior, there are a number of specific brackets (ladder, tubes, panels, etc.)
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loading van

Driver assistance systems

  • blind spot sensors

  • lateral wind compensation system

  • trailer anti-tip system

  • hill-start assist control

  • recognition of traffic signs

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Parking aids

  • parking assist sensors
  • automatic parking assistance

  • cameras

  • rear traffic alert (to warn when a vehicle is approaching a parking exit)
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Anti-theft protection

  • alarm

  • anti-theft locks

  • bars on windows

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  • driver's seat (adjustments, electric, memory, suspension, etc.)
  • hands-free phone
  • dashcam
  • mobile office
  • tablet and phone holders
  • induction chargers
  • storage
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commercial vehicle

Your new tool can be matched completely to your business. You'll probably spend many hours behind the wheel, so it's important that it's convenient, comfortable and safe. Please take the time to configure this with your dealer.

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