You've been riding your bike for a few months now. You'd like to add to its equipment, protect it better or improve its comfort. OEMs and equipment manufacturers offer a very wide range to meet your expectations. Here are some examples of the accessories available.

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  • Fall protection: sump or axle guards. There are many ways to protect yourself from damage caused by a fall.
  • Off-road protection: engine guard, radiator guard, foot or hand guards.  These accessories adapt to almost any situation you might want to face.
  • Tank liners: adhesive, available in all colours, patterns and sizes. Simple and convenient to glue on.
  • Storage: Covers for indoor or outdoor use. For peace of mind about the battery, get a trickle charger that will keep charging it throughout the winter.
  • Against the wind: a fairing is a must. You can adapt it to your body shape and your requirements. This protection is universal or dedicated to a particular model, high or low, tinted or clear. You have a wide choice.
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motorcycle crash bar

Comfort and transport

  • The saddles: whether for look, comfort or height, it is possible to change your saddle to best suit your needs.
  • For the passenger: back rest or child seat, you can ensure their comfort and safety.
  • The back box: usually called a top case, it's perfect for storing your helmet, anti-theft device and your belongings.
  • Luggage: the right choice for your motorcycle. Side or tank bags and cases hold your clothes or tools for a well-equipped journey.
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motorcycle top case box

Electronics and electrics

  • Navigation: a motorcycle GPS is an ideal accessory. You can, for example, ask it to plan a 150 km route with a maximum of turns.
  • Holders: a wide range is available for smartphones or GP.
  • Power supplies: for your accessories or for a charger, an independent power supply can be added.
  • Lighting: in order to see or be seen, additional lighting is always welcome.
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motorcycle GPS smartphone
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This list is not exhaustive and may be lengthened slightly as long as the offer is relevant. Ask your dealer if there is equipment that fits your needs, the answer will definitely be positive!

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