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Executive Programme for the automotive industry

Building top performing Management in the automotive industry!
This is the stated aim of the Solvay Business School for its latest Executive Education programme which has been especially designed for the automotive industry executives. This highly focused programme will help your executives to dramatically improve their managerial competences and knowledge of this competitive sector.

Develop managerial expertise at individual and organizational levels
Provide in-depth and “real life” understanding of car industry environments
Equip managers with a comprehensive understanding of international issues
Develop practical and actionable “take homes”
Provide new business skills
Reinforce the network and prepare a new generation of leaders

Executives from the automotive industry (directors, BU managers…) from :
Automotive equipment suppliers
Leasing companies
Insurance companies
Fast maintenance
High potential individuals with relevant experience in the sector

Structure & Content

Pedagogical approach
Mix of theory and practice
Experience sharing
Case studies
Project work
Tailored pedagogical processes
Active involvement and contribution is required

A mix of high-level academics and leaders from the sector:
directors from top manufacturers, senior figures from the European Commission and representatives of international motoring organisations

Programme organisation
Format : 8 modules of 1 to 2 days each month for a period of 9 months (from April 2008 to December 2008)
Language : English (mostly)

Interested ?
For more information please visit our website http://www.solvay.edu/EN/Programmes/Automotive/index.php


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